which will help YOU with the development of your professional career in times of crisis!

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych
How to make the right decisions, make the right choices, and make good changes. In professional life, and more.

Do you know the feeling when you can't get up in the morning? Your stomach is in knots, heart is pounding, your stomach clenches, your heart pounds, and thousands of thoughts swirl in your head? You know what is wrong, subconsciously you even know exactly what, but you do not want to force it to your mind?

It is a sign that you drown out THIS MOST IMPORTANT VOICE!

With the idea, "Believe your way", you will learn to listen to yourself.

You will get to know yourself and find out what you really desire.


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Opinions about book
Believe Your Way

"Ksenia is a man of the world. She has lived in different countries, she knows many different cultures, speaks many languages. Her multiculturalism, life and work experience allow her to understand and perceive the needs of another person who is extremely helpful in career and business development in today' s world of globalization and integration".

Barbara Jonczyk
chairwoman of the European Integration Club
"The book is situated in the mainstream of current discussions on how to find enough forces in oneself to support the development of creative thinking and entrepreneurship.

… more and more often we need support from people with a strong personality, multi-educated, experienced, familiar with education in a multicultural world and, above all, trustworthy".

Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Ryszard Stępień
Pułtusk Academy of Humanities

Ksenia Alpern was a scholarship holder of the Lane's Kirkland Program in the academic year 2006-2007: she turned out to be an excellent specialist in the field of education and management of education, she completed the scholarship with honors.
Ksenia is an active person who wants to constantly develop, she is ambitious, extremely hardworking and has a great sense of responsibility for her work.
Agata Wierzbowska
Fundation Liderzy of Changes
I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ms Ksenia Alpern.
We have used it as an editor many times.
Professionalism, creativity and always great results.
It's worth it ".
Jacek Grabowski
Ambasador Magazine

We collaborated with Ksenia in the framework of the annual Global Inspiring Forum: World intelligence on the same stage.
Thanks to our partnership, business clients from Poland have joined us.

During our cooperation, Ksenia has established herself as a reliable Partner,
who shared our values of effective interaction.
Alena Zhupikova
KA Group, organizer Global Inspiring Forum
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Report from the presentation of the book
Believe Your Way
Warsaw House of Technology,
Rzeszów (Jasionka, Arena G2),
Houses of Lokal Activity, Warsaw
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